Does Cinema Need To Acknowledge The Pandemic?

Today, the three companies are joined by the latest major event cinema distributor in the country, Iconic Events Releasing, to form a core group of four distributors leading the sector in the 2020s. Coronavirus pandemic has led to massive slowdown of the economies, bringing the entertainment industry worldwide to a standstill. There’s no clarity about when normalcy will set in, or if the world will have to embrace the new reality of social distancing and virtual hangout sessions.

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  • Because if not, we could be in for some rough times for exhibitors.
  • If they gave us the opportunity to put Mulan on, they could have done it on Disney+ at the same time.
  • Am I naive to hope that this might be the reset that artists have dreamed of forever, the utopia of love and peace and generosity of spirit that has always inspired us?
  • The past year has essentially been a total loss for any company depending on ticket sales.
  • However, many surveys have shown that a large portion of previous habitual movie-goers are not habitual movie streamers so I believe attendance may remain 25-40% below ‘normal’ for a long-time if not permanently.
  • With OTT services like HBO Max streaming first-run movies on release day, movie theaters need to think beyond comfy chairs and draft beer to keep selling tickets.

Because of the growing pandemic in France, cinemas are operating at half capacity, leaving strategic seats unavailable to reduce proximity in the screens, a move followed days later by the Irish and Northern Irish cinema chain Omniplex Cinemas. On March 12, Qatar also closed all cinemas, as did the US on March 17, Malaysia and Thailand on March 18, the UK on March 20, Australia and New Zealand on March 22, and Singapore on March 27. After a state of emergency was declared in Tokyo and six other prefectures in Japan on April 7, over 220 cinemas were closed.

This week 9-15 October will be our biggest since the opening week of Tenet – testament to the fact that distributors like StudioCanal are releasing Saint Maud, and also to the Netflix and Apple films that have come to us. You’ve got to take into account our capacity is well below 50 per cent. Social distancing and the lack of studio films have had a negative effect. When we put Tenet on, we were doing more or less sellout shows every night – so I know people want to see new films. Catharine Des Forges, director of the Independent Cinema Office, offers a wider perspective on the independent cinema space.

Major studios like Warner Media and Disney DIS DIS premiered or will premiere major 2020 and 2021 film productions in their direct-to-consumer streaming services. But once theaters fully open, expect cinema companies to demand a renewed exclusive theater window. The pandemic forced the media and entertainment industry to challenge its norms and dismantle institutionalized thinking of what it means to feel the magic of the cinematic experience. However, it did not eliminate people’s desire to experience cinema.

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But I would love to think that having survived 2020, our vision will be too. Lately, I’ve been asked to offer words of encouragement to scores of high school and college theater students during teleconferencing classes and graduations. And despite my daily grappling with despair, I do see in this dark, chaotic time reasons for great optimism.

With Theaters Shut Down, Why Not Put On A ‘play At Home’?

As Universal Pictures held the international distribution rights to No Time to Die, its film F9 was delayed to May 28, as to not cannibalize it. No Time to Die has since been postponed again to September 30 in the UK and October 8 in the U.S. COVID-19 is having a major impact on Australia’s cultural life, and creative industries and the screen industry is no exception. Productions have halted, cinemas have closed, and major film festivals have been cancelled or postponed.

Considering that we cannot live in isolation, with every section of society & industry hard hit by the pandemic which got further aggravated with the second wave, the path to recovery is not going to be easy. Since people are your greatest asset, as a leader, one should follow a humanitarian approach and stand with your employees, empower them and be accessible at their hour of need. The situation has been so unique that undeniably it has been a learning experience for every individual as well as the organization.

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Welcome to the new digital home of Northwest Public Radio and Northwest Public Television. The new year brings an internal change to our organization, joining TV and radio. Thank you for your continued support of public broadcasting in our region. “Just because conditions are hard, it doesn’t let us off the hook; it doesn’t free us of the obligation to try to fulfill our mission,” says artistic director Oskar Eustis.

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Only 25% — at most — of our theater productions’ actors, designers, writers and directors are non-local. Additionally, the majority of artists in the Wallis’ music, dance, cinema and family productions and presentations are based in the Los Angeles artistic community. In particular, this season’s dance programming was specifically curated by Artistic Director Paul Crewes to feature only Los Angeles-based dance companies. This weekend, we had funerals for my mother’s sister and my grandfather’s sister.