Newsom Recall Could Upend National Democratic Political Strategy In 2022

After that come the count and the certification of results. I signed the recall petition to remove California’s arrogant, hypocritical governor, and will vote to remove him from office. He recently loosened COVID restrictions on businesses only because he fears for his political life. If Newsom ever aspired to be president, it was forfeited at dinner in the French Laundry restaurant when he was caught flouting the very regulations he imposed that crushed so many businesses.

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  • A no vote isforNewsom and to keep him as governor.
  • Allowing unemployment funds to be stolen by imprisoned gangsters is a valid reason to vote against Gavin Newsom in 2022; recall will not retrieve those losses.
  • A Bay Area Democrat with the endorsement of most major environmental groups, he promised to carry on the climate change fighting legacy of his predecessor, Jerry Brown.
  • I strictly see this as a ploy to get a Rep governor in to appoint a Rep senator into the senate to even the rep/dem power balance when Feinstein retires as many are expected her in the coming years.
  • The consent of the governed is no longer a consideration.
  • You can checkyour registration status hereand canupdate your registration here.

If they were from different parties, it would encourage mischievous recalls, he believes. There are loud calls for reforming California’s gubernatorial recall system after last week’s wasteful special election that cost state taxpayers at least $276 million and accomplished nothing. There is much work in progress and many actions to come.

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Biden will become extremely unpopular as inflation and food prices increase going into 2024 and the country plunges into a recession, energy crisis, food crisis, continuing pandemic, ect hes already proven to be incompetent and weak. His age is a huge limiting factor, its obvious hes suffering some kind of mental decline if you listen to him speak in recorded videos from years earlier. Neither Biden nor Trump has any particular power base. Trump’s candidates he endorsed are mostly failing, and Biden’s best friends are fine with him for now but will prefer new blood in 2024. Another who will not run is Bernie, he is also too old and his dreams of a revolution have completely collapsed in the real world. But Trujillo said past elections show there’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations on peoples’ doorsteps.

What You Can Do To Stop The Recall Of Governor Newsom

Honestly a governor alone can’t solve homelessness or climate issues, at least not to the point that they are ignorable again which i imagine is what people want. And as much as Californians complained about his performance with COVID, i mean, all things considered i think the state did an excellent job in dealing with a 100 year plague no one expected. California may have been the only state that had an office of analysts with scenarios ready for this thing before it even happened. You can view precinct specific Voter Information Guides by using the Polling Place and Voter Information Guide Lookup tool. The accessible format Voter Information Guide provides customized election information for voters who use screen-reader software. Learn How to Read Your County Voter Information Guide’s Sample Ballot..

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At the pro-recall watch party, the crowd erupted. Nineteen states provide for the recall of state elected officials, alongside 30 states that allow local jurisdictions to provide for their own recall elections. California’s Secretary of State said Friday she won’t require a more rigorous audit of next week’s recall election results that could remove Gov. Gavin Newsom from office, saying concerns about. Elections officials will mail every registered voter a ballot for this election beginning in mid-August. LOS ANGELES, CA – An email was leaked from the office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. While facing a potential recall election, DA George Gascon, is doing everything he can to alienate the citizens of Los Angeles County.

I have a VERY Dem-friendly friend who’s convinced that Newsom will win, and the polling seems to be supportive, but I think in a weird off year situation his opponents would be more excited to vote. While I don’t agree with your reasons, there is also the fact that they are the reasons for not reelecting him in the next election. What you gave us surely is not enough reason for recalling a governor. Voting for this recall is voting for Mitch McConnell to become senate majority leader again so he can continue burying hundreds of bills on his desk through his obstruction tactics. I will support the recall but I am still undecided on who to vote for if it comes to a vote.

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You can downvote me but that doesn’t mean the state will get any better so long as corrupted do-nothing politicians keep getting voted in. Because people are dumb and do not understand how the government work in this state or this country. And they didn’t learn from the debacle that was Gray Davis. I live in southern Cali, Orange County to be exact. These people are out on almost every street corner asking for signatures to recall the guy. At first I thought it was like anti-maskers, but now it seems to be the entirety of Qanon & Trump cult followers lol.