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I thought i’d figured it out last night, when it was in mood 2. I was doing some tests when somebody turned on the kettle and it started buzzing. Then it stopped when the kettle stopped and began again second after when my electric radiator kicked back into action. Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the ART ProChannel II. Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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  • Heres the thing, I have experience with the dbx 386, which is the dual, just mic preamp version of the 376.

The new one is selectable at 50 volts , and 300 volts, which is where this thing shines. At that official website voltage, you get more headroom, gain and wider frequency response. Not exactly the info you are looking for, but I have an ART MPA gold pre that I upgraded the tubes in , and it sounds fantastic.

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Which makes me wonder why many reviews dont mention this. Does this have anything to do with the flickering of the light on the channel one VU meter on MPA IIs? I have seen this on every MPA II I’ve encountered. None of them have been unacceptably noisy though, at least not more than expected from a low cost tube pre. While I had the unit open I added a 470pF capacitor in parallel with C62. This makes the treble control center frequencies switchable between 6kHz and ~3kHz instead of 18kHz and 6kHz.

Item 4 Art Pro Channel Ii Tube Channel Strip

This preamp brings out all of the nuances of a microphone before… On the face of the Pro-VLA II, you have Variable Threshold, Ratio, and Output controls, as well as Attack and Release knobs, for each of the two channels. Get an eye on what’s going on using the ART Pro MPA-II’s full assortment of metering.

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The bypass is a little suspect, seems to be a little harsh, but if I wanted to bypass I would eliminate the VLA and go “DI” into my DP-32. I’n not wealthy but I came into a little extra money and have replaced my non-tubes with tubes. Like most compressors that do there job, you see see there is a lot less clipping… With the VLA’s there is less clipping and a plus a more concise and warmer sound. I especially noticeable are the drums from the Korg.

In a rack-mountable, all-steel enclosure, the unit is designed for continuous professional use. Usually a lead sound will be serially compressed to even out the sound w/o smashing all the dynamics out of it. Typically some compression going in – not much, just a touch. Then a channel comp during mix, and/or a bus comp. A little more during mastering to get the levels up on the whole song.

Very good build with milled front and slightly curved front panel, great visual look and metering so you can monitor everything, especially useful when hooked up to other things. Knobs are good with notched detents all the way round so you can be precise and legends are mostly above the knobs so you can still read the if the unit is mounted low down. I can see two tubes through the vent slots on the top and plate voltage adjustable . The VU meter is assignable for input, output or compression and there is also an LED to advise if any part of the system overloads. Usefully you can overdrive the input to get a slight tube distortion is you wish but headroom is good if you don’t want this also. Loads of ins and outs at different stages makes flexibility great.