Via Ferrata Trails, Protected Climbing Routes In Slovenia

Leslie James is all about Colorado when it comes to writing features, sharing adventures, and creating colorful galleries. She loves camping, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding. The Rotstock Via Ferrata is an epic climb right next to the famous North Face Wall of Eiger.

24 hour fitness all club sport

  • The basic equipment includes a climbing helmet, a harness, a via ferrata lanyard, gloves and appropriate footwear.
  • The Britannia via ferrata in the Saas Valley offers a breathtaking climbing experience and a unique view of the Allalin and Mattmark area.
  • The lanyard consists of an energy-absorbing system, two arms which connect to the cable with the carabiners, and a means of connecting to the harness.
  • But a route in the high mountains, covered in snow and ice, would be best done in winter mountain boots.
  • You ALWAYS cross bridges, ropes, logs and the like alone.

The via ferrata includes a section running up a 60-meter waterfall, and is the highest waterfall via ferrata in the world. There is a via ferrata on the western face of Queenstown Hill. It comprises 12 routes covering over 300 vertical metres. On Mount Hōken in the Japanese Central Alps are mid-level via ferratas. At an elevation over 2900 meters they pass over sheer drops of 300 meters. Several people have lost their lives on this route and the via ferratas can unexpectedly ice over.

Via Ferrata With Astonishing Views Over The Valley

Climb a secured pathway of steel cables to the vertical world on the Arête. Along the way, you’ll use natural rock, ladders, and sturdy steel rungs to climb. At the top, you’ll get the kind of views normally only enjoyed by high-level rock climbers and mountaineers. Right at the end of the Kaunertal Valley, between the Gepatschferner glacier and the Gepatsch-Stausee reservoir, lies the challenging Holderli Seppl via ferrata.

Best Fun & Safety

You will need at the minimum a climbing sit harness, a purpose made shock absorbtion lanyard and a helmet – these are made by a variety of different manufacturers with varying features. In addition a pair of walking shoes or boots are a very good idea and if you intend to do multiple trips, investing in specific boots designed for the job is a good idea. Furthermore you’ll need a waterproof coat incase of rain, water, food and most likely a map of the local area and the knowledge how to use it. Also be diligent when transitioning between cables, ensuring you have one ‘biner clipped at all times when one cable ends and another begins, even if you’re standing on safe, unexposed ground.

The Via Ferrata Lanyard

Via ferratas are cable-secured climbing routes in the mountains. Today, sports via ferratas designed for adrenaline-charged experiences and recreation are especially popular. Climbing a via ferrata is different from typical rock climbing.

There are many climbing-specific models which will be ideal for this. Even on a sunny morning, do not be tempted to leave without one – if you are unable to move from a location during a storm, you need to ensure that you are reasonably warm and dry when it ends. One of the first lessons climbers learn when making their first forays onto the rock is that footwork is all-important, and the same applies with via ferrata.

We recommend beginners to book with a via ferrata instructor the first time. The climb can be combined with lunch or dinner in the Hoven Restaurant. In case you want an extra challenge you can try the very difficult Route 2, with difficult level D, and eventually the extreme route “Tor’s Hammer” at difficult level E.

Located in Estes Park, Colorado, this VF is run by the Kent Mountain Adventure Center. Along the way, you’ll enjoy views of Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding mountains, and experience thrilling exposure. The Waterfall Canyon Via Ferrata at the Utah Adventure Center is perhaps the best via ferrata in the USA and North America.